We met a very healthy looking man last week, who was 102 years old. We asked him, ‘what’s your secret to living such a long life?’ His answer was, ‘I drink lemon juice and warm water every morning when I wake up’.

So obviously we couldn’t wait to share this information with you and thought we’d list some points as to why this citrus sensation is such a hit!

The Toxin Terminator

  • Lemon is a top toxin eliminator and helps your body detox by flushing out all unwanted harmful toxins and bacteria.
  • Lemon helps to alkalize the body. We know, it almost sounds counter-intuitive considering lemons are one of the most acidic fruits we can think of, but once lemon juice is metabolized by the body, it becomes significantly more alkaline with a pH of well above 7.
  • The alkaline pH balance helps to purify the blood, which is great for promoting clear skin and enhancing the complexion.
  • After you sleep your body is in desperate need of hydration. Lemon and warm water are an excellent combination for hydrating and flushing out your lymphatic system, and can help with problems related to adrenal fatigue.
  • Lemons contain a fiber called pectin which aids digestion and feeds healthy gut bacteria. The acid in lemon helps greatly in breaking down food and can be especially helpful to supplement stomach acids as we get older, which is when they start to decline.
  • As a rich source of vitamin C, lemon juice is a great immune booster and together with warm water, is excellent for stimulating the digestive tract, encouraging peristaltic action, which helps to get things moving.
  • Warm lemon water significantly boosts metabolic rate so can aid in weight loss. Warm water also helps you stay fuller longer.
  • Lemons are a brilliant liver detoxifier. They contain a flavonoid that protects the liver from oxidative stress and helps reduce inflammation.
  • Lemon juice naturally contains high levels of citric acid, which is a wonderful natural ingredient that boosts detoxification, increases energy levels, and supports kidney function.
  • Lemons are a rich source of potassium, which is great for supporting a healthy heart, brain and nervous system. Potassium also helps to regulate blood pressure in the body and reduces the chances of developing blood pressure related issues later on.
  • Lemon juice with warm water helps to maintain good oral hygiene and can relieve toothaches, bad breath and help prevent gingivitis.

Recommended dosage:

Squeeze between 1/4 – 1/2 lemon into a cup of warm water every morning on an empty stomach and let the detoxification process begin!

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