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These are reactions from users of all-natural Good-Gums:

“I wanted to give your product a week or so to work before I let you know that I really like the tooth powder. I have never had anything that felt like my teeth are this clean unless I just recently went to a dentist for professional cleaning.”
– Roberta (Robbie) G.

“The feeling in the mouth after brushing makes me think of normal toothpaste as a marshmallow compared to a glass of clean water.”
– Ulrik T.

“Patients love it and claim their teeth feel cleaner and gums are tighter.”
– Dr. Lisa, D.D.S.

“Hi everyone. Most of you have known me for awhile and know what kind of trouble I have had outta my gums and teeth (at the same time I learned that I have Diabetes-1997). I had a very difficult time trying to get my teeth to heal until I found this product. … I cannot say enough good things about this product. I immediately noticed how good my teeth felt –CLEAN. Using the tooth powder, I noticed a feeling of a sense of healing, I can’t put my finger on it but my mouth just felt good. At that time, my teeth were loose, I could shake every tooth in my head; not now- they are tight. My gums bled profusely-not now and haven’t in a long time. The mouth odor made me sick at my stomach so I am sure I ran many of you off!! Haven’t had mouth odor in a long while. (You can come back and talk to me now). … If you truly want to keep your teeth or you know someone with problems, please share this website. You and they will sing its praises.”
– From an email to her friends by Willie F

“My friend Lynwood sent me some samples of the tooth powder I mentioned to you in my last email. I had a cleaning about 10 days ago at Ron’s office and then of course, I smoked cigarettes and drank coffee every day and that nice clean feeling disappeared. It was amazing, after one use of the powder last night, I felt I had just stepped out of the dental chair. As much as you care about your patients, you must check it out. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.”
– Niels L.

“Been meaning to tell you… I LOVE the Good-Gums powder! Great stuff. Really gets rid of bad taste in my mouth after garlic/onions better than any toothpaste. Love the taste too – it’s like salty Cinnamon & vanilla 🙂 Thanks again!”
– Annika R.

“The gummy stuff…………it has helped my condition a lot.”
– Eugene D.

“The last cleaning appointment I had with my dental hygienist she recommended I have my teeth cleaned every 3 months because of heavy plaque buildup and my receding gum line. … When I returned 3 months later, my hygienist was absolutely shocked at how little plaque I had and how healthy my gums were. She said “I don’t need to see you now for 6 months.” I am so glad I found this product.
– Robin

“When I was finally persuaded by my wife to go [to the dentist], my teeth and particularly my gums were in very bad shape. After my visit, I was referred to a periodontist to begin a regimen to reestablish healthy gums. I heard about Good-Gums from a friend and it sounded like an answer to a prayer. I began using it just before my visit to the dentist. I was drawn to Good-Gums because I believed it to be natural, effective and healing all at the same time. I have been using it ever since and the results have been spectacular! That dreaded visit to my dentist made me realize the importance healthy gums have on my teeth too! My gums have healed beyond my dentist and the periodontist expectations. The periodontist almost pulled one molar on my initial visit because the gums had receded so far. He told me that molar would not last long, but we could remove it later. It is healing too. As an after thought, my teeth are whiter than they have been many years. The healing process took place very quickly. I hope people who are looking for a natural and effective way to restore their gums and teeth quickly give Good-Gums a try. If their experience is anything like mine, they will be a customer for life! Thanks for bringing such a wonderful product into the marketplace where it actually under promises and over delivers.”
– Andy C.




  1. Mary Wier

    Good Gums is a godsend to me for my gum health! I it saving me
    financially, too, as it is setting me free from very expensive
    procedures. My husband is using it too. We are so
    grateful for this natural healing!

    • Elyse

      Is this really true because I have a gum problem and need to see a periodontist so I’m wondering would you recommend this product?

      • squeakyclean

        Hello Mary, thank you for your comment. Good-Gums has helped many people in a similar position to you and we strongly recommend you try our product. Good-Gums is 100% natural and all ingredients are rich in vitamins and minerals, which are easily absorbed into your gums. If you would like to try then please purchase here or call our team on 1-888-693-0333 who would be happy to help.

  2. Laurie

    Love this product, just started using it and have seen a marked difference already. My gums are very receded and many of my teeth are loose, but since using Good Gums my mouth feels clean and healthy and my teeth are whiter than ever. Love this product! Thank you!!!!

  3. LDL

    I love Good Gums. It is healing my gums, cleans and even strengthens my weakened teeth and my teeth are squeaky clean and white. And. gets rid of that yucky taste in my mouth. Thank you for such an amazing product.


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