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Our Founders and Our Story

Isabelle Dunkeson
John Chisholm
Lynwood Murray, Jr.
Our Story

Isabelle Dunkeson

The founder, owner and operator of the first state licensed massage therapy school on southwest Florida (the Sarasota School of Natural Healing Arts in Sarasota, FL) is a result-oriented professional with over 30 years of experience.  She has a history of stability and outstanding performance in the natural healing field.  The school was founded in 1974.  In 1994 the School added a 2,700 hour program in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine to its existing 525 hour Massage Therapy Program.

As Chief Executive Officer and manager of the school’s day-to-day operations, Isabelle has highly developed administrative, public relations, problem-solving and decision-making skills, which include wage administration, personnel policies, performance appraisal, marketing studies and brochure and catalogue design.

Among Isabelle’s many special accomplishments was the responsibility for the continuous growth of the school; the designing of a special bodywork technique, “Conversations With the Body”; the development of Educational Seminars and the creation of Community Outreach Programs.  She continued to own the school until 1999.

Isabelle produced Sarasota’s first Holistic Film Festival on “Health, Healing and Happiness.”  She has attended numerous educational seminars and traveled the world, having studied in India with Dr. Randolph Stone, founder of Polarity Therapy; in Japan and the Philippines, studying and producing a natural healing film with biochemist Stuart Wheelwright.  In addition she has studied with Euell Gibbons, Adele Davis, Paul Bragg, Stanley Burroughs, Dr. Raymond Christopher, Bernard Jensen and Dr. Eric Pearl.  She is a certified graduate in Reconstructive Healing and The Reconnection with Dr. Pearl.

The past owner of a natural food store and publisher of a nationally distributed magazine, “Natural Life Styles,” she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Memphis Academy of Arts in Memphis, Tennessee in 1962 and graduated from the American College of Natural Healing Sciences in massage therapy in Mesa, Arizona in 1972.

She envisions her work as transforming, combining education and personal growth.  She continues to evolve personally, setting goals that will help herself and others achieve their optimum wellness in body, mind and spirit.


John Chisholm

The earliest memories of John Chisholm are of growing up in bombed-out Tokyo after World War II.  Between the ages of two and seven, his Air Force pilot father was stationed in Japan, whose assigned housing was a grand home that had miraculously survived the relentless B-29 bombing of Tokyo.  Outside the walled estate, every house in the surrounding neighborhood consisted of burnt-out rubble, where people still lived, including the neighbor kids who were John’s playmates.  For a while, John was more fluent in Japanese than in English, and in this environment his awareness of the world expanded, starting from a two-year-old’s perception (which is mostly of his family) up to a seven-year-old’s construct of the larger world.

One thing John learned in his gut, prior to his learning about the concepts of race or nationality or social standing, is that war is a great evil that induces even good men to commit horrible acts on each other.

After transferring back to the states, circumstances became more “normal” and by all appearances so did everyone’s concerns.  John’s father went on to make a career in the Air Force, serving in succession as a Base Commander, Wing Commander and then as a colonel in the Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  Additional children were born into the family.  John tried the religious seminary for three years, and then went on to college.

John’s earlier convictions re-asserted themselves during the Viet Nam war.  He applied to his draft board as a conscientious objector, was turned down and was drafted.  He became a non-combatant medic in the (stateside) army.   After 16 months, he was granted a discharge as a conscientious objector.

Over the past 30 years, his path of personal development has taken him to the pursuit of the recurring experience of internal peace, not as alternative to an ever-elusive external peace but as a necessary prerequisite for a satisfied life.  And not incidentally, he sees each individual’s experience of internal peace as another bit of stone-aggregate in the concrete foundation that has the most viable chance of supporting a stable external peace.

John and his wife have a wonderful, grown-up daughter.  John’s work history is as a manager in operations and productions for a number of companies, mostly in manufacturing.  The opportunity to produce and distribute Good-Gums appeals to him because it’s a chance to promulgate not just more unnecessary stuff, but something that’s really beneficial for people.


Lynwood Murray, Jr.

Lynwood was born in Massachusetts in 1950, the youngest of three children.  His parents, Lynwood Sr. and Anna, met and married in Hawaii in the service during World War II.  Lynwood Sr., practiced general dentistry for 44 years in the blue collar town of Taunton.  Anna, who was a registered nurse and Lynwood Sr.’s dental assistant, recounts that Dr. Murray would service his patients, many of them Portuguese immigrants from the Azores, whether they had money or not.

Lynwood attended Princeton University and Boston College obtaining a BA in biology.  For the 16 years prior to working on Good-Gums, he worked in the used college textbook industry as a sales manager, operations manager, and inventory manager.

Over the years he began experimenting with alternative medicine trying to solve occasional, personal health issues. He regularly began seeing a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, and a DO who uses kinesiology and homeopathy.  Although not opposed at all to western medicine, he began to see that one should use all the resources available to you when confronted with illness or disease.

During one of his “checkups” with his DO, Dr. Kirby Hotchner, Lynwood complained that his dentist wanted him to go to a periodontist.  His experience with a periodontist several years earlier left him feeling periodontal surgery was very painful, very expensive, and had not worked for him.  Kirby’s response was, “Before you do that, call this woman, Isabelle, in Sarasota”, which he did.  Isabelle explained that she had developed her formula for help with her own mouth.  After using it for a year or so and really liking it, Lynwood and his business partner, John Chisholm, met with Isabelle and made a proposition to produce and market the powder.  That is how the project was launched.


Our Story

Isabelle Dunkeson created the Good Gums® formula for her own use, after decades in the fields of natural healing and nutrition. In the late 1960’s she started one of the early natural food stores in upstate New York; in 1978 she founded and operated the Sarasota School of Natural Healing Arts, the first state-licensed therapy school for massage in southwest Florida. The school expanded in 1994 to include acupuncture and Oriental medicine. The paradigm she applied to the creation of Good Gums® was to find natural tooth cleansers and natural sources of nutritional supplementation that support the body’s innate ability to heal and to keep itself healthy.

Different minerals and herbs found in nature would occur to her, and she’d remember their properties of being antiseptic or acid-neutralizing or cell-nourishing. Pertinent memories and tidbits of information just seemed to rise from the depths of her subconscious. One morning she woke from a night’s sleep and was aware of a complete formula of minerals and herbs. She wrote it down and set about gathering the various ingredients. She mixed the formula and started brushing and flossing with it, and ingesting some in the process.

She then paid close attention to her mouth. Detecting how well a dentifrice cleans the teeth is usually fairly quick. Discerning the effect of nutrition (whether wholesome or insufficient) is more subtle, but tissues in the mouth grow and are replaced quite quickly, allowing quicker and easier observation here than elsewhere in the body. After starting to use her formula, Isabelle immediately liked the clean fresh feeling she got. After about a month of using it, she was pretty sure that she liked her formula better than any tooth paste she had ever tried. After a couple of months, she was certain. After several months, her dentist, Kim, examined her and liked the obvious cleanliness. She started referring to “Isabelle’s miracle mouth” and wanted to know what Isabelle had done differently since the prior office visit. Isabelle told Kim about her regimen with her newly formulated mixture. The dentist tried the mixture and loved it (as she does to the day of this writing).

The result is Good Gums®, an all-natural oral hygiene product that we offer to you and that is:

• Made of all natural ingredients

• Free of artificial colors and flavors

• Free of harsh abrasives

• Antibiotic free

• Hormone free

• Fluoride free

• Packaged in boxes made of 100% recycled paper

• Packaged in bottles that do not leach BpA (Bisphenol-A)



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  1. Francis Scheuer ll

    I met Isabelle at the Sarasota Farmers Market pleasantly promoting GOODGUMS. A nice spirit.


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