How to Use Good-Gums

Using Good-Gums® All-Natural Toothpaste Powder

Good-Gums® is intended to be used in conjunction with the beneficial mechanical actions of simple but precise oral care techniques, such as proper brushing, flossing and interdental cleaning. Good-Gums® is not intended as a substitute for good mechanical techniques. It is designed to complement those techniques by simultaneously providing ingredients that are effective cleansers and that provide nutritional supplementation for supporting healthy gum function. Your mouth can get the benefits of mechanical action, cleansing, and supplementation all at the same time.

Good-Gums® comes as a dentifrice of powdered natural substances. Our proprietary combination of these ingredients is suitable for brushing, flossing, interdental brushing, manual massage and ingestion. The practices for teeth and gum care with natural substances are described in another section. (See link below.) You may not need to do them all; your circumstance should determine how many you’ll want to adopt.

It is important to avoid using toothpaste prior to using Good-Gums®. The cleansing properties of Good-Gums® can help clean your teeth and gums only when it is in contact with them. Feel with your tongue how your teeth and gums feel after brushing with Good-Gums® and then after brushing with conventional toothpaste. That thick feeling after toothpaste is a coating of residue that’s left behind. Some toothpastes even advertise the coating as if it were a virtue, sealing out heat or cold from sensitive gum tissues. (Of course, they’re also sealing out the beneficial effects of saliva.) The coating of toothpaste residue can also seal out the acid-neutralizing and cleansing ingredients of Good-Gums®, so we advise not using toothpaste either mixed in with or prior to brushing with Good-Gums®.

Check out the Ingredients page for a list of our all-natural ingredients and how they can care for your teeth.




  1. ronw.

    So we’re not supposedto RINSE after brusing w/Good-Gums???

    isn’t that bad to not rinse, becauseof all the things still in mouth still in your mouth that you just cleaned OFF your teeth???

    • Melissa

      Do this help with receding gum in older people

      • squeakyclean

        Hi Melissa. Yes, Good-Gums helps to reduce receding gums and aids the regeneration process. Please note, you must use a soft toothbrush and brush gently. If you would like any help with how to use Good-Gums you can find the information here

  2. goodgums

    Hi Ron, thanks for your question. You do not need to rinse after brushing with Good-Gums. Simply spit the excess out of your mouth after brushing and that’s it – you spit out all of the plaque and food that may have been on your teeth, but keep in all the beneficial ingredients from Good-Gums.

  3. ronw.

    Thanx for the reply, but I still have one ?, isit detrimental to the ‘GoodGums’ process if I rinse after brushing, even once? Because it feels much better to atleast rinse a LITTLEBIT after brushing…or…should I refrain from rinsing to receive the best benefits of your product???

    • goodgums

      Ron, if you need to, you can use a wet toothbrush on your teeth only to rinse, but do not rinse the gums via a full mouth swish-type rinse as the product works best if left on the gums to heal and protect.

  4. Shannon

    Reading the above comments on how to properly use GoodGums, I am assuming that there is no need to use any type of mouthwash in addition to this product? I have been looking for the best and healthiest products for my teeth and gums as I have gingivitis, periodiontal disease, receding gums…. I have always tried to take really great care of my teeth and finally realized that it was the products that society has us believing helps when they really hurt and sometimes are the culprit! I’m only 33 years old. I have had some success this past year with a natural mouthwash (I think my gums regenerated some on their own and it loosened a lot of plaque and tartar) but no luck really with any of the natural toothpastes and I think they are also causing more harm than good, not ot mention now I have been having a constant bad taste in my mouth which I never had, ever. I am definitely considering this product, I’m just getting tired of trying things that don’t work. If I can use this without mouthwash then I guess that’s even better!
    Thank you!

  5. Lucie

    I have been using a glycerine free toothpaste before using Good Gums. It is the glycerine that provides the coating you were referring to, correct?

    • squeakyclean

      Hi Lucie. Thank you for your comment. Yes, it is the glycerin that forms an invisible coating that prevents your body from healing itself. We are pleased that you have been using Good-Gums. Have you noticed a difference?

  6. doris silverman

    can I use a little coconut oil with Good Gums

    • squeakyclean

      Hi Doris. We can’t think of a reason why it wouldn’t be fine. The gums could still absorb the vitamin C and herbs without interference so there shouldn’t be a problem combining them.

      We’d be interested in hearing from you about your experience after you’ve used it for a while, as this is so new to us. And of course, you should consider discontinuing the combination if any adverse effects were to arise.

      Please let us know if you have any more questions.



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