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  1. Linda Belanger

    I have a ? I had all my teeth pulled and in process of letting implants to heal, I’m hoping that I’ll be able to use good gums to help the healing. Can I use it like a rinse?
    Please let me know what would be the best thing to do.
    Thank you,
    Linda Belanger

    • squeakyclean

      Hi Linda,

      Thank you for your message. Yes, Good-Gums is a brilliant rinse and will help with the healing.

      Place a portion of the powder in your mouth (the same amount that you’d use on your toothbrush). It will dissolve instantly on contact with saliva. Gently swoosh the liquid around your whole mouth. The ingredients help to soften plaque, soothe irritation, help your gums heal, nitrifying all of your mouth’s soft tissues and fortifying your gums with a huge dose of Vitamin C (equivalent to eating a whole orange, every time you use it). About 2 minutes is usually enough, then spit or swallow – whichever you prefer. We recommend not rinsing your mouth with water afterwards so that any remaining Good-Gums can continue working.

      You may already be aware, but it is important that you are not also using toothpaste as part of your oral hygiene practice. Along with other harmful toxins, toothpaste also contains glycerin, which acts as a barrier to all the natural herbs, vitamins and minerals that are helping your gums to heal.

      If you have any other questions please do let us know.

      The Good-Gums Team.



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